Answers to Interview Questions

It is only natural to expect that you will be asked to answer a wide range of questions during an interview. With this in mind, healthcare leaders who want to enhance or brush up on their interviewing skills can use this paper to develop good answers to interview questions.

The focus of this paper is how to answer interview questions in the context of the transformational change occurring in today’s healthcare environment. These changes require answers that form a bridge from your accomplishments of yesterday to your ability to handle the largely unanticipated challenges of tomorrow.

Answering interview questions requires you to be a good listener, develop an accurate understanding of your potential employer and an objective appreciation of your accomplishments. Combining these three elements will enable you to identify and address the concerns of a potential employer with confidence. This paper explores a number of the questions you might be required to answer during an interview.

Many of the interview questions provided here are best answered by relating them to your specific accomplishments. Your accomplishments should be told as a story that begins with how things were when you started, the analysis you performed, steps taken, obstacles overcome, the measurable and quantifiable results achieved, and the circumstances under which you achieved those outcomes. Each answer should be conversational and no more than two minutes in length.

Questions you answer during interviews will prompt some some self-examination. These will most likely concern your “soft” skills: How do you deal with conflict? …motivate? …inspire? …lead?

Realize a few interview questions you are expected to answer might be asked to see how you handle stress. Control your impulse, take a breath and think before you answer. Then, be concise, confident, positive and deliver insightful answers.

Interviews are a two-way conversation; you are learning about each other. So provide answers to interview questions they ask and when appropriate ask a followup question. Moreover, ask astute questions that reveal the depth of your understanding of the challenges in today’s transformational healthcare environment.

Developing Answers to Interview Questions

As a leader in your healthcare organization, you probably have a great deal of experience interviewing and hiring people for your organization. However, you’re about to spend time on the other side of the interview desk as a candidate. Therefore, you might find that your “everyday” thought process as an interviewer could use some re-framing into that of an interviewee.

This paper is a compilation of advice and questions designed to help you do just that.

Reflecting on exactly how you achieved your accomplishments will help you develop answers to many interview questions. In
addition, this review will provide you with positive energy that will be evident to the interviewer as you discuss your achievements.

It is not possible to anticipate the full range of questions you might encounter during an interview. Nevertheless, you don’t want to walk out of the interview and suddenly think of the perfect answer to a question. Prepare yourself by reviewing the following questions and begin to develop your “interviewing state of mind.”

This a short excerpt from the 15 page paper Answers to Interview Questions.

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