Interview Tips and Help

Interview Tips and Help for Nurse and Healthcare Leaders

These papers provide interview tips and help for a healthcare environment in transformation.

Transformational change is driving today’s healthcare environment, resulting in an seemingly endless stream of unanticipated challenges for healthcare leaders. Consequently, successful leaders must be capable of addressing today’s challenges and the challenges certain to accompany an unknown future.

This has placed an increased focus during the interview process of accurately predicting a candidate’s future success based solely on their past accomplishments. Subsequently, even highly successful behavioral interview techniques and the accomplishment-driven resume begin to fall short.

The interview tips in these papers suggest ways in which resumes and interviews can be improved from the prospective of both the candidate and the employer. These papers go beyond the basics of interviewing with more than just checklists and discusses the reasoning behind the recommendations.

Interview Tips for Nurse and Healthcare Candidates

This set of papers was developed specifically for nurse and healthcare leaders who want to enhance or brush up on their interviewing skills.

Resume Help

A resume must be more than accomplishment-driven to be successful in today’s healthcare environment of transformational change. This paper will help you tell a compelling and convincing story of your professional achievements. Most importantly, the paper will show you how to use the 5 Key Elements of a Successful Healthcare Resume to bring life to your accomplishments. 18 pages. more…

Interviewing Tips

This paper for nurse executives and healthcare leaders provides a broad range of interview tips. These interviewing tips include topics such as how to research the prospective employer and yourself, an overview of interview questions to ask and answer, through handling phone and on-site interviews. Also included are tips about what to do after the interview including how to handle a turndown or an offer, your resignation and the best way to avoid or handle a counteroffer. 18 pages. more…

Questions to Ask

Your chances of being offered a position are greatly improved by preparing a good list of interview questions to ask your prospective employer. Begin this preparation by researching the position, the organization and the people you will meet. This research will make you more confident during the interview and help you create a better impression. This paper guides you through the research and helps you prepare an extensive list of questions to ask. 10 pages. more…

Answers to Interview Questions

It is only natural to expect that you will be asked a wide range of questions during an interview. This paper focuses on answering interview questions in the context of transformational change in healthcare. These answers must form a bridge from yesterday’s accomplishments to your ability to handle tomorrow’s unanticipated challenges. 14 pages. more…

Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral interview questions have been widely used by healthcare organizations to use a candidate’s past achievements as a predictor of future success. However, the accuracy of that prediction has become more difficult to attain due to the many unanticipated challenges resulting from transformational change in healthcare.

This paper takes a closer look at behavioral interview questions from both the candidate and employer point of view. The recommendations in this paper enable candidates to explain, and employers to assess, the candidate’s past achievements in relationship to future challenges in healthcare. 19 pages. more…

Key Leadership Behaviors

Transformational changes in healthcare have have led to a shift in the emphasis and value of certain leadership behaviors. Chief among these are innovation, transparency and engagement. This paper identifies key behaviors required of today’s nurse and healthcare leaders. 14 pages. more…

Interview Tips for Healthcare Employers

The interview tips in these papers can improve your organization’s ability to attract and hire the most talented nurse and healthcare leaders.

Organizing and Managing an Interview Team

Is your organization ready to interview, attract and hire the right candidate? Is there agreement throughout your organization as to job requirements and expectations of what constitutes the right candidate? This paper explains how to organize and manage an Interview Team that helps to build organizational cohesion and adds recruitment as a powerful element of your organization’s culture. 16 pages. more…

Questions to Ask Candidates

Make certain you make the most of time spent with the candidate by asking the right questions. This paper provides suggested questions along with examples of how to analyze candidate responses. This analysis will provide you with a deeper understanding of candidates’ skills and motivations. Additionally, use this paper to create questions specific to your situation and identify responses of your ‘ideal’ candidate. 15 pages. more…

The Candidate Experience

Does your organization put it’s best foot forward to impress candidates? Undoubtedly your organization has examined the patient, physician and employee experiences. But have you examined your candidate experience? This paper provides interview tips and help on how to impress highly sought after candidates when they consider joining your organization. 15 pages. more…

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