Interview Questions to Ask

Your chances of being offered a position can be greatly improved if you prepare a good list of interview questions to ask your prospective employer.

Equally important, is the favorable impression these questions can make with the interviewer. The better your questions, the more favorable the impression.

Accordingly, this paper, “Interview Questions to Ask,” was developed specifically for nurse and healthcare leaders who want to enhance their interviewing skills.

Asking questions during the interview is the best way to learn about aspects of the career opportunity that are of greatest importance to you.

Moreover, the interview questions you ask will help you gain an in depth understanding of the job itself, your prospective boss and the organization.

As with other aspects of the interview, the questions you ask the interviewer are part of a two-way conversation in which you learn about each other. Therefore, make your questions specific, direct and conversational.

What You Learn

Asking questions during the interview will enable you to:

  • Learn about the culture of the organization and its community,
  • Learn about the objectives, priorities and the leadership style of your prospective boss,
  • Learn about the position, its challenges and opportunities,
  • Identify barriers to success, assess the potential risk involved and the support you may receive,
  • Evaluate the compatibility between the needs and goals of the organization and your own,
  • Understand the potential and path of upward mobility in the organization, and
  • Enhance your ability to make an accurate and fully informed decision about accepting the position.

What the Prospective Employer Learns

The interviewer will determine if you are the right person for their organization based, not only on your answers to their questions, but also on the questions you ask them.

The interview questions you ask will demonstrate your:

  • Level of expertise in your healthcare specialty,
  • Ability do this job with this team,
  • Depth of experience,
  • Ability to communicate effectively,
  • Level of interest in the interviewer, the job and the organization,
  • Your leadership style,
  • Your critical thinking skills,
  • Your degree of curiosity, and
  • Ability to address the challenges in healthcare today and the future.

Preparing Your Interview Questions to Ask

The process of developing a customized list of interview questions to ask includes:

  • Reviewing the questions in this paper,
  • Objectively reviewing your background and goals,
  • Examining the job description, and
  • Researching the organization and its people.

Therefore, use the questions in this paper as a foundation upon which to build your own list of customized questions to ask during the interview.

The Job Description

Examine the job description to determine if you are qualified. Does it represents the next step in your career? In addition, determine what aspects of the job are not covered in the description and develop a series of questions to address those areas.


You should research the organization, position, interview team members and community. Conduct the research and develop a good set of interview questions to ask your prospective employer. Your research will demonstrate you are serious about the opportunity and have invested your time to learn about them.

This a short excerpt from the 10 page paper Interview Questions to Ask.

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