Resume Help for Nurse and Healthcare Leaders

Consider the following scenario where resume help might make a difference:

It’s 9pm, your prospective boss has just cleaned the kitchen after dinner, ended a bedtime fight between the kids over a blanket, then sits down to review a stack of 11 resumes. Your resume is number 8.

Did you do everything you could to make your resume stand out?

The resume help provided in this paper can greatly improve the impression you make on a prospective employer and your standing relative to other job seekers.

You can be prevented from interviewing because of shortcomings in your resume. Additionally, even if you are granted an interview, a poorly prepared resume can cause you to spend precious interview time filling in gaps and overcoming misunderstandings.

It’s essential that your resume creates the right first impression so that it leads to positive and constructive interviews.

Few resumes today only list job titles of past employers. These are not enough to communicate your value and less likely to get you an interview than an accomplishment-driven resume.

An accomplishment-driven resume focuses on professional achievements at current and past employers. Until recently, this would improve your chances for an interview and distinguish you from other candidates. Not any more.

Transformational Change and Your Resume

What has happened in healthcare that requires a resume to be more than just accomplishment driven to be successful? The answer: transformational change.

Transformational change has led to unprecedented new and unanticipated challenges that require new skills from healthcare leaders. As a result, many healthcare organizations are analyzing how to improve their leadership selection process. This includes enhancing their resume review and interview process to, not only evaluate your accomplishments, but also gain a deeper understanding of your leadership skills.

Your prospective employer needs to understand the extenuating circumstances you faced, your decision making approach and the manner in which you operate. These are the keys to being a successful leader in today’s healthcare environment.

Much of your future success will be depend upon a wide range of leadership skills including:

  • Ability to inspire, motivate and influence people,
  • Transparency and engagement,
  • Ability to succeed in the face of ambiguity and adversity,
  • Creative and innovative thinking,
  • Anticipation of new heathcare trends,
  • Ability to navigate change rapidly and proactively,
  • Staff empowerment,
  • Collaboration, planning and action, and
  • Critical thinking.

Today, the person reading your resume is interested in much more than if you accomplished X, Y or Z. They are looking for indications of the leadership skills you employed to reach you accomplishments. Your resume must provide a clear and compelling demonstration of those skills.

This can be achieved by constructing your resume with the 5 Key Elements for a Successful Healthcare Resume.

5 Key Elements of a Successful Healthcare Leadership Resume

These 5 Key Elements will convert your accomplishment-driven resume into a compelling and convincing story of your past achievements.

The 5 Key Elements are:

  • Identify Complexity, or… Enhance the Audience Experience
  • Be Bold, Be Consistent, or… Continue Enhancing
  • Quantify, or… Inspire Audience Appreciation
  • Feeling Your Pain, or… Extenuating Circumstances
  • Go to Your Hero Pose, or… Resume Success

These 5 Key Elements will be applied to the Professional Experience / Employment History section of your resume.

Resume Help: Getting Started

Find a quite place to sit and write down the accomplishments you’ve had in your career.

Relax, keep writing and ideas will emerge. You can use an earlier resume as a reference – extract information, but do not copy text.

Make this first draft an “idea” document. Don’t worry about organization, format or length at this time; your resume will be a separate document. Take a break from your writing and come back fresh a few days later.

Once you think you have completed your idea document, it’s time to begin building your resume. Start with making your resume easy to read through clarity, format and prose.

This a short excerpt from the 17 page paper Resume Help for Nurse and Healthcare Leaders.

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